Welcome to Powertel, the leading phone number service in the UK !!

  • Number is for life * subject to terms & conditions
    • No monthly rental charges
    • No running costs
    • Free! to receive calls
  • Faxmail, incoming faxes delivered to your email - Fax to email
  • Answer Phone, messages delivered to your email - Voicemail
  • International rerouting - InternationalRoute@powertel.co.uk
  • Route to VoIP - VOIP
  • Anonymous Call Rejection, withheld numbers automatically blocked ACR on/off
  • Caller ID – CLI or PND (Powertel Number Display) - PNDon/off
  • British Ring Tone Option - UKR on/off
  • Huge stock including Memorable, sequential or alphanumeric telephone numbers available -Search Here
  • DQ Listing - DQ@powertel.co.uk
  • 24/7 Easy Online Control, instantaneous rerouting - Number Management

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